lunes, 18 de abril de 2016

¡¡Capoeirando ando!!

According to the planning at the beginning of this third term, students will have the possibility of practising CAPOEIRA, a martial art. This activity will develop the basic competences of body expression in physical education in 5th and 6th grade of primary.

In this unit, students will learn the Capoeira basic moviments in order to create a final choreography as part of the assessment. This choreography should have Capoeira movements, acrosport, human mandalas and yoga with music.

Here you have some links to learn more about Capoeira:

Specific information of Capoeira

General Information of Capoeira

Nos movemos con la Capoeira

Basic movements of Capoeira

Advanced movements of Capoeira

Enjoy it!!!!

Some choreographies done for our TAmixa students mixing Capoeira with other concepts such us acrosport, human mandalas, yoga stands, etc.

Capoeira demostration: Eva and Jazmin (6º B)

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