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I Tamixa Basketball World Cup

Yesterday CEIP TAMIXA began its Basketball World Cup with the matches: Luxembourg 2 vs Poland 0 and Hungary 0 vs Slovakia 6.

Throughout this third term, there will be 3 groups: Infantil (each Wednesday), years 1, 2 & 3 (each Tuesday) and years 4, 5 & 6 (each Friday) playing in the playtime. 

Students carry their banners with their countries names and captains swap a friendly letter before matches. 

These are some photos of the first two matches:

Previous Organisation :

Pe dept and the school want to thank Juan Tejón (caretaker) for the amazing construction of our two baskets. 

Lithuania 0 vs luxembourg 4

Latvia 2 vs Stonia 4

Denmark 5 vs the Netherlands 4

This was an amazing match where Denmark won the match in the free throwing line because of the equal result 4-4. Watch the moment of the victory:

28 April 2016.
Greece 12 vs United Kingdom 5

Denmark 2 vs Portugal 3
Portugal broke the deadlock in the free throwing line.

United Kingdom (5ºc) vs Portugal (6ºc)

Portugal goes to the final. 

Croatia (4oA) vs Greece (5oA): 3-2


Finland 4 vs Czech Republic 5 

Czech Republic has been the final winner of Infantil group. 

Malta (3oC) 10 vs Slovakia (2oC) 0

MALTA has been the final winner of year 1, 2 & 3 of primary group. 

2nd June 2016
Croatia (4oA) 0 vs Portugal (6oC) 8. 

PORTUGAL has been the final winner of year 4-5-6 group. 

Croatia vs Portugal

OUR CLOSING GALA. 21/6/2016.
       All the students and staff of the CEIP Tamixa have a lovely time sharing a lot of experience.  

Closing Gala Planning:
- Presentation of our World Cup Mascot.

- Awards handing over.

Malta (3ºC)

Portugal (6º C)

 Awards and trophies. 

PE Staff (Monica Gómez & Mr. Fran Acedo)

- Body Expression choreography by students of 5º C.

Click below to watch the video...
Choreography for the Basketball World Cup Closing Gala by students of 5º C.

- A basketball match: Winning teams vs Staff teams.


Stand team of Years 1,2 & 3 
(Pablo, Guillermo, Miguel, Ángeles, Ana, Fran, Sandra, Carmen & Monica) 

Staff of year 4, 5 & 6 
(Mónica, Javi, Paco, Rosa, Isabel, Miguel, GEma, Alicia, Pablo & Fran)

To be continued next year with other proposals...
Kind regards,

Mr. Fran Acedo
One of the Tamixa PE teachers.

Licencia de Creative Commons 

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